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Pixies Implode; Kim Shattuck Gets the Boot


Well, that didn’t last much longer than a summer vacation fuck, now, did it?

 By Perez Mills

 Meow! New Pixies bassist Kim Shattuck of The Muffs has reportedly posted at her Facebook and Twitter  pages about how she is “super disappointed to learn that my time with the Pixies ended today.” (Today being Nov. 29.)

 Shattuck’s loudly-publicized tenure as original Pixies bassist Kim Deal’s replacement lasted a full 5 months, as it was announced in early July, and then she debuted a few months later, on Sept. 6, in L.A.  Meanwhile, a North American tour, followed by a Euro tour, kicks off Jan. 15.

 Yep. This is making that somewhat-but-not-that-thrilling Breeders tour from the summer seem a lot better, eh?

Video: Watch Crazy Sci-Fi Video from KI:Theory


Synth driven “Needles” featuring Maura Davis (Denali/Ambulette) gets the Sci-Fi treatment from director, Amos McKay. Track comes from the new Kitty Hawk album (Kringer Records).

 “The song to me evokes images of an Orwellian society taken over by conformity and eventually government mind control. I was inspired by the classically dark storylines and contrasted imagery from shows reminiscent of The Twilight Zone and decided to do my own version complete with a vintage sense of the future. This story unfolds the day in the life of a memory conversion operator (a person who converts memories into energy) who’s become so apathetic to his duties that he’s now blind to the horrors he commits daily.  In true The Twilight Zone fashion, the operator has the tables turned on him in a climactic twist that I hope would be worthy of Rod Serling’s approval,” says McKay.

Ki:Theory aka Joel Burelson elaborates, “‘Needles’ is a song that just seemed to write itself…coming out almost fully formed from melody and lyrics down to the production style.  I wanted this track to feel warm so I used decidedly organic instrumentation and a more complex rhythm that is based on an alternating time signature (a single progression switches from 7 to 8 to 7 to 9) but still grooves with metronomic hand-clapping.  During the mix I realized it could benefit from a female vocal to blend a higher octave.  Having already worked with Maura Davis [Denali/Ambulette] on ‘I Wanna Run,’ she was the perfect choice. I had seen Amos’ [McKay] direction style in his short films ‘Red Sheep’ and ‘Johnny’ and decided to approach him about working on ‘Needles.’  I like the attention he gives to narrative while maintaining a defined style that is amazing to look at, unlike so many music videos out today that solely rely on eye candy.” 

Incoming: Superb Live Dylan Bootleg from Stockholm 11/13/13

Bob Dylan current

The Never Ending Tour continues apace in Europe, courtesy the Crystal Cat label.

 By Uncle Blurt

 It’s a nicely timed overseas release that doesn’t compete with the recently issued Dylan box set or that loony interactive “Like A Rolling Stone” video— as  our friends at report:

 “The first big release of Bob Dylan’s 2013 tour has been announced. From the hands of Crystal Cat comes Second Night At The Waterfront a recording from Dylan’s show in Stockholm, Sweden on the 13th of October 2013.

“A coy and unassuming pre-release from a source reads – ‘A new two CD set from the Crystal Cat label that will contain the complete performance from the concert in Stockholm on 13 October 2013, plus four bonus tracks from two other shows. This was the third show of the 2013 European tour, and sound quality should be up to same superb standard that this label is known for.’”

Indeed, the venerable Sweden-based transparent tabby bootleg label remains the gold standard – along with cohort Godfather – of contemporary bootlegs, particularly if you are a Dylan, Springsteen or Neil Young collector.


 Bonus tracks:
Copenhagen 16 October: LOVE SICK”

Breeders Add “Pod” EP to Live Shows


It’s like owning the complete set, but at a venue!

 By Uncle Blurt

 We all love the Breeders; why, your Uncle and Auntie caught ‘em at the Hopscotch Festival back in September as they were doing the classic Last Splash album in its entirety (plus sundry B-sides), and it was killer! (Well, the Hopscotch sound crew didn’t do the band any favors, but aside from the muddy mix, the show was quite memorable.) Now comes this missive direct from the band:

 The Breeders are pleased to announce a special treat for attendees of select upcoming dates, which are the final dates of their 8-month long tour. In addition to playing their exceptional album Last Splash in its entirety, Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson will also be performing a complete run-through of its predecessor, Pod, during shows in Chicago, Boston, New York and Austin. The inclusion of Pod has happened only in London, San Francisco and Sydney on the Last Splash 20th Anniversary Tour.


The Breeders are also happy to bring along Northampton, Massachusetts indie rockers Speedy Ortiz as support for these upcoming dates with the exception of the New Orleans and Austin engagements. The band will welcome Imperial Teen as special guests for the Austin New Year’s Eve show. A full list of upcoming shows can be found below.


Well, all right then!


12/12/13 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue *

12/13/13 – Madison, WI  – High Noon Saloon *

12/14/13 – Chicago, IL  – Metro *+

12/16/13 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom *

12/18/13 – Boston, MA – Paradise *+

12/19/13 – New York, NY – Webster Hall *+

12/20/13 – New York, NY – Webster Hall *+

12/29/13 – New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks

12/31/13 – Austin, TX – The Mohawk ^+

Also, Kim Deal has announced yet another addition to her ongoing 7″ series. The fourth installment of the series will be made available in January and features “The Root” along with “Range on Castle.” For more details on Kim’s special 7″ series, visit



Parisian Duo SALM Drops Remix EP


In advance of full length, arriving in Feb.

 By Blurt Staff

 SALM (formerly known as SomethingALaMode) just released their  new single today titled “Toy Spark Gun” featuring British vocalist and producer Dan Black, with an official remix courtesy of Vancouver chill-wave producer Teen Daze. It’s off their forthcoming February LP, Endless Stairs, and there’s already an EP of remixes by various artists (check iTunes) — tracklist below.

The backstory: Fellow Music College graduates Thomas and Yannick of SALM adopt an academic approach to party music, infusing both their passion for Stravinski as well as Daft Punk. SALM’s debut album garnered critical acclaim from fans and peers alike back in 2009 and the duo’s career trajectory has been skyrocketing ever since. Having shared the stage with fellow luminaries like The Bloody Beetroots, Gonzales, Jeff Mills, Madeon, Icona Pop and Zedd. They also sold 15,000 copies of their first album and toured cities from Koko in London, to Cigale in Paris and Krysha Mira in Moscow. Regulars on the fashion circuit, the duo have played at various shows including Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler and Chanel.

 This fall SALM dropped the first album single and official video “Prophet 21”.

 “Toy Spark Gun” EP tracklisting:

1. Toy Spark Gun (Feat. Dan Black)

2. Toy Spark Gun (Teen Daze Remix) [Feat. Dan Black]

3. Toy Spark Gun (The Japanese Popstars Remix) [Feat. Dan Black]

4. Toy Spark Gun (Leo Kalyan Remix) [Feat. Dan Black]

5. Toy Spark Gun (Botnek Remix) [Feat. Dan Black]

Flaming Lips Reissue 1st EP, Release 1st Demo, on Xmas Eve

Lips 30th

2000 colored vinyl copies for each, all signed by Wayne Coyne, as part of the Flaming Lips’ 30th anniversary celebration.

 By Fred Mills

 Two weeks ago we got word that the Flaming Lips were planning on reissuing their 1984 debut 12” EP, originally issued on their own Lovely Sort of Death label on both green and red vinyl, 1000 copies apiece (plus a subsequent reissue on Pink Dust on purple wax) and that it might happen for Black Friday. That turned out to be premature, although the band subsequently announced Black Friday releases for a split EP with Tame Impala and a multi-band tribute to the Stone Roses’ first album—in the process, stirring up a bit of consternation among record retailers.

 What we now learn is that the reissue of the ’84 platter is still happening—for the day before Christmas. It’s been remastered by the band’s Michael Ivins and “sounds slightly louder in all frequencies” and boasts a “reimagined cover by freak artist Charlie Immer.” 2000 green vinyl copies will all be hand-signed by Wayne Coyne (which should keep him away from Instagram for awhile).

 Lips 12 inch EP

But wait, there’s more! Also due Xmas eve is a blue-vinyl four-song 7” EP (2000 signed by Coyne) that collects the group’s original 9/14/83 cassette demo, their first of which was later released on the Finally the Punk Rockers are Taking Acid Lips anthology. “This cassette was never released and never really heard [and has been] remastered by Kliph Scurlock… the cover photo is by Wayne’s brother Ken.”

 The tracks are “Flaming Lips Theme Song,” “The Future is Gone,” “Underground Pharmacist” and “Real Fast Words.”

Lips 7 inch EP

Video: Twin Shadow Covers U2


No idea what that murky image above is all about…

By Blurt Staff

Twin Shadow has submitted another track in his “Under the Cvrs” series, this time U2’s “With Or Without You,” which is simultaneously faithful to and radically different from the original. Previously essayed: 10cc (!), Springsteen and Tori Amos.

Incoming: Peter Buck’s 2nd Solo LP

Peter Buck LP

Vinyl-only release drops in early February. Below, listen to “10 Million B.C.” from the first LP.

 By Fred Mills

 Peter Buck—of REM, Baseball Project, Minus Five, etc.; you may have heard of ‘em—made his solo debut in late 2013 with a self-titled, vinyl only album Peter Buck, issued by Mississippi Records. Enthused our reviewer at the time:

 Weird, raw and beautiful all at once, swampy Crypt-tastic jams like “It’s Alright”, “Give Me Back My Wig” and “Hard Old World” echo the spirit of a pre-Fab Peter sitting behind the counter at the old Athens, GA mainstay Wuxtry Records fixing to increase his Cramps sales by playing the Gravest Hits EP over the sound system whilst discovering the joys of Loaded­­-era Velvet Underground and Nancy & Lee during the dead hours from the essence of such lighter fare as “Nothing Matters” and “Some Kind of Velvet Sunday Morning.”

Peter Buck

 More recently, Buck recently released a limited edition 7”, “(You Must Fight to Live) On the Planet of the Apes” b/w “The Monkey Speaks His Mind”—read about it at our latest installment of our “Singles Scene” series.

 Now word arrives that on Feb. 18, Mississippi will issue Buck’s second long player, once again a vinyl-only LP. Titled, prophetically, I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again, it’s billed as being done “the old fashioned way – direct tape cut to lathe cut to vinyl…. everything from garage rock to psychedelic soundscapes to pretty ballads. All new tunes that will treat you right.”

 Well, all right then! Mark those calendars, punters.

Riot Fest Announces 10th Anniversary 2014 Bash

riot fest

Early bird tix onsale this week.

 Going into its 10th year, Riot Fest has announced that the Chicago event will take place next year on September 12-14. Tickets will initially be available on Wednesday November 27th at 12 Noon CST at

 “It’s almost needless to say, but to get to our 10th Riot Fest in Chicago is special,” said Michael Petryshyn, partner of Riot Fest. “Internally, we’re a tight-knit crew who love music, our community and, most importantly, the fans who have been with us since day one.  Every year we strive to get the bands we love without the crazy fest prices, and that’s the primary reason why we offer discounted early bird tickets.  We understand not everyone can afford certain fest prices, but, if we can make it work on our end where we can keep prices low, we always will. Also, because this will be our 10th Birthday, fans can expect some amazing surprises… ones that we’re already giddy about.”

 Read the BLURT review and view the accompanying photo gallery of this year’s Denver Riot Fest right here.