John B. Moore: Nothington – The Interview


JBM checking in with his latest column on all things punk, “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up.”


By John B. Moore

San Francisco punk rockers Nothington formed out of the ashes of Tsunami Bomb, but quickly managed to make everyone forget their former group as they got to work putting together one solid album after the next. The band managed to fuse country and Blues with straight up punk rock with nods to everyone from Hot Water Music to Social Distortion.

I used the band’s release of their latest odds and ends collection Long Along the Way to check in with guitarist/singer Chris Matulich.

So can you tell me about the songs that made it onto this collections record?

These songs have been recorded and released over the last seven years of Nothington’s existence.  Rare tracks, acoustic tracks, out-of-print songs and a few digital only releases. Two of the songs were only released in Europe on 7″ and now you can have them in the U.S. as part of this collection. 

Had you forgotten about some of these songs?

I had in fact forgotten about a couple of them. I’m glad they are all together on one disk now.

Have you started thinking about the next full length yet?

Yes we’ve written about 10 songs so far. They aren’t finished but a few more months of polishing them up and demos and we’ll have a new record on our hands; Hopefully sooner than later.

This is your second record on Red Scare. How long have you guys known Toby Jeg, the label’s owner?
Toby has been a good friend of mine for the greater part of 12 years now.

You guys are playing Fest again this year, right? How many years have you been playing there?

I’m not sure how many years we’ve performed at Fest by now.  I think maybe this is our sixth or seventh year.

Any good Fest stories?
None we are willing to admit to. Just kidding. My best Fest memory was our second time playing Fest at Market Street Pub, which is no longer there. We had toured down there with Off With Their Heads and the shows were good and a lot of fun, but at the time we were both very, very small bands at that point. We didn’t expect more than 50-to-80 people to be at our show. I think there ended up being around 200 all singing along, climbing on stage and having a blast. I don’t think I will ever forget that show.

What’s next for you guys?

Just going to finish writing this record and get back on the road! 

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