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Fred Mills: About All That “Vinyl Explosion” News


Amazon reports massive increase in vinyl sales, and meanwhile, both Whole Foods and Target are experimenting with vinyl sales. What gives?

 By Fred Mills, Blurt Editor

 If you were listening to NPR’s weekly Sound Opinions broadcast this weekend your ears might’ve perked up when you heard them commenting on some reason news items about vinyl sales. This is something we think about a lot at BLURT; our sister business is Schoolkids Records in Raleigh, NC, and while CD sales continue their inexorable slide, vinyl has been steadily increasing—both new and used. Continue reading

Fred Mills: Meet ArticleSpinBot – My Writing Is Subject to Great Varieties!


Why spend precious time composing original copy when you can just steal and disguise it?

 By Fred Mills, Blurt Editor

 It’s called ArticleSpinBot and it blurbs thusly: “Write your own article with out copyright. Don’t waste your time just copy the article below, SPIN and get your OWN ORIGINAL article. Now you are free to buy your own COPYRIGHTS… Continue reading

John B. Moore: Pale Angels – The Interview

Pale Angels

JBM checking in with his latest column on all things punk, “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up.”


By John B. Moore

The Pale Angels is clearly not the first band to start off working Nirvana covers. Though, they are likely the first international group who got their start playing nothing but Nirvana covers on stage at punk rock utopia (aka The Fest, held in Gainesville, Florida every fall). Continue reading