The Undead Live: Arthur Mag Returns


Today the late, great Arthur magazine, bastion of indie-ness of all sundry ephemera (heavy on the cool music, natch) announced it would be returning to print in December. Rather than put a spin on the news or get sucked down a rabbit hole of dissection, we’ll just let you see the announcement ‘cos Arthur was a huge fave of ours and they are big boys anyway – they can speak for themselves. Welcome back, folks….  – Blurt Editors

From Arthur magazine:


After a four-year sabbatical (faked death?), your beloved
revolutionary sweetheart Arthur returns to print, renewed, refreshed,
reinvigorated and in a bold new format: pages as tall and wide as a
daily newspaper, printed in color and black and white on compostable
newsprint, with ads only on the back cover(s). Amazing!


In partnership with Portland, Oregon’s Floating World Comics,
Arthur’s gang of goofs, know-it-alls and village explainers are back,
from Bull Tonguers Byron Coley and Thurston Moore to radical ecologist
Nance Klehm to trickster activists Center for Tactical Magic to Defend Brooklyn‘s
socio-political commentator Dave Reeves to a host of new, fresh-faced
troublemakers, edited by ol’ fool Jay Babcock and art directed by Yasmin
Khan. You want a peek at the contents? Sorry, compadre. That would be
saying too much, too soon. Wait ’til Dec. 22, 2012: that’s right-THE DAY


Please keep in mind… Arthur is no longer distributed for free
anywhere. Those days are (sadly) long gone. Now you gotta buy Arthur or
you won’t see it. Our price: Five bucks cheeeeeep!


Arthur No. 33


Broadsheet newspaper, 15″ x 22.75″


Available Dec. 22, 2012



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