Sweet Apple sez – Elected!!!


All the way from the hazy days of 1972…

By Fred Mills

It’s Decision 2012 time for Sweet Apple – comprising, of course, J Mascis, Cobra Verde’s John Petkovic ant Tim Parnin, Witch’s Dave Sweetapple. In honor of Obama’s reelection, or maybe in spite of it, take your pick, the band has covered Alice Cooper’s timeless classic “Elected”.

It’s the A-side of a 7-inch 45 released on Outer Battery Records; the b-side is a cover of the Anti Pasti punk anthem “No Government.”

According to Petkovic, “the band accounts for 32 of the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.
Including adjunct guitarist Graham Clise — of California — the band’s
reach is four states and 87 electoral votes. Sweet Apple had
intended to also release a campaign platform in time for the elections,
but was unable to find common ground on any issues. Hence this video.”



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