Report: Sera Cahoone Live in Denver


At the Hi-Dive on November 5, the Sub Pop
songstress went for feel and emotion over flash.


By Tim Hinely


native Sera Cahoone left town several years ago when she split for Seattle where she has recorded three solo records, two for
high-profile label Sub Pop, but she seemed genuinely overjoyed to be back in
her home state for this show, as she stated several times in between songs,
including, “It’s so good to be here…really. This is my home.” Though apparently
performing since the age 11, Cahoone still didn’t seem wholly comfortable on
stage, a certain humility and shyness exuding from her presence – I’m not sure
why, as she is a terrific songwriter and, on this night, had a strong band her
(her foil, Jeff Fielder, on guitar, 
banjo, dobro and backing vocals, Jay Kardong on pedal steel, Jonas
Haskin on bass and on the drum kit, Eric Eagle). A band that seemed to go more
for feel and emotion than any kind of flash (thank god).


Opening with
“Worry All the Time,” the first cut off her latest record, the gorgeous Deer Creek Canyon, and a perfect opener
to ease the crowd into it. From there they played plenty off said record,
wavering between slower, folky tunes (“Rumpshaker,” “Naked”)  and more upbeat ones (the title track, “Every
Little Word”), as well as some songs off her previous Sub Pop release, Only As the Day is Long. Coming out for
two encore songs taken from the latter, “You Might As Well” and “Happy When I’m
Gone,” they then called it a night – although if the crowd had its way they
would have played until the 2:00 AM closing time (it was midnight when they


Cahoone and her
company seemed genuinely humbled by this lavish response and I, for one, hope
they make it back to town sooner rather than later.




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