Numero Group w/Minneapolis Funk Gem


And here’s tthe backstory.... The Lewis Connection LP (out February 12th) is the first entry in Numero
‘s ongoing excavation of the deep trenches of the Twin Cities’ musical
history and subhistory.



With insurance money from a recently
overturned Buick Century, brothers Andre and Pierre Lewis went on a recording tear through
the Twin Cities in 1978, cutting a half-dozen songs in as many studios.
Combining the astro-sexuality of Parliament with the sophisticated flammability
of Earth, Wind &
, the Lewis Connection‘s misspelled debut captures the
Minneapolis Sound’s founding fathers at the paradigm-shifting confluence of
funk, jazz, and pop for which the Land of 10,000 Lakes is famed.



The Lewis Connection – Higher by Biz 3 Publicity



Notorious child prodigies and party animals, the
Lewis Connection’s self-titled debut was smoked and snorted by frenzied
audiences, with few copies rising to the surface in the intervening decades.
Over thirty years later, the seedy masterpieces of Pierre and Andre Lewis remain
a freaky hallmark in the canon of Midwestern funk.

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