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Hey hey hey, it’s
November the 13th, and today is your lucky day – it’s BLURT #13!


By Blurt Staff


header says it all: the lucky 13th issue of BLURT is hitting stores
(including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and selected indie record shops)
and mailboxes as we speak, er, type. What, you say? You didn’t realize that
Blurt-online is but one component of a vast media empire that also includes the
print milieu? Now’s your time to discover the sublime pleasures of Blurt, The Magazine.


     On the cover this
time around is GRIZZLY BEAR: Contributor
MAX BLAU talks to the acclaimed Brooklyn indie-rockers about their remarkable
career to date-which most recently has been marked by (in their words)
“opportunities, total shock” and moving well outside their usual comfort zone.


     MUSICIANS’ ADVICE (PT. 2): Once again, Perfect Sound Forever editor JASON GROSS
asked an eclectic array of veteran artists what kind of career planning young
musicians should be mindful of. Among his respondents: Patti Smith, Bob Mould,
Holger Czukay, Ian MacKaye.

     ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: Knit together by close personal relationships and a shared aesthetic
vision, the eclectic indie rockers still finds ways to get weird, and Contributing
Editor A.D. AMOROSI is on hand to collate the data.

: Swooping through his music like a trapeze artist working without net
or partners, the electronic maven (who boasts an impressive jazz lineage,
incidentally, with the name “Coltrane” in his DNA) talks to Amorosi as well.

     TAMARYN: Moments of hope and little glimpses of light from the
Kiwi-to-San-Fran dreampop connection, featuring the titular young lady’s
luscious vocals. Listening in: JHONI JACKSON.

legendary Stax bassist passed away suddenly this past May. His peers and
compatriots-among them, Dan Aykroyd, Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper and Tom
Petty offer personal tributes to Associate Editor ANDY TENNILLE.

alt-rock explosion spawned a generation of musical dreamers. Here’s what
happened to one young band from rural Tennessee,
along with its members’ dreams. A true
, by J.T. ESS.

     GARAGE ROCK SPECIAL: Ty Segall, Thee Oh
Sees, Sic Alps and Fresh & Onlys spearhead a Bay Area insurrection.
Somehow, Contributing Editor JENNIFER KELLY survived the decibel assault and
filed this report.

     CALEXICO: Long identified both
musically and geographically with their hometown, the Tucson
group found it fortuitous to shift operations to New Orleans to record their latest album. JOHN
SCHACHT traces their travels.

     SHOES: Mention the word
“Shoes” to any serious power pop fan and you’ll get a response that
has nothing to do with footwear. In a new series for our magazine, “The BLURT
Case Files,” pop aficionado DAVE STEINFELD talks to the Murphy brothers about
their long running combo and their sudden high profile for 2012.

     JEFF BRIDGES: The Dude still abides – It
was Fear & Loathing time all over again at this year’s DNC, but Bridges had
things beyond politics on his mind. In an interview with MICHAEL PLUMIDES, he
outlines his thoughts on music, film and, most important, the “No Kid Hungry”
program which he so passionately supports.


     Elsewhere in the
new issue you’ll find coverage of Metz,
John Cale, Ian Hunter, Bright Little Field, Bettye LaVette, Catherine Irwin,
Divine Fits, Henry Rollins, the Old Ceremony, the Sword, Shovels and Rope,
Swans, Will Sergeant
and Yeasayer,
plus more than 50 reviews dotting
our CD, Books, Film/DVD and Video Game sections. And if you present your I.D.
card to the clerk at the counter, you will receive authorization to read the
latest, greatest installment of our popular artist-penned series “The Most Fucked-Up Thing I’ve Ever Seen.” This time around we get the good, the bad, the ugly and the X-rated from Peter
Himmelman, Neil Hamburger and Martin Kennedy (of All India Radio).


     If you can’t find
us on your local newsstand, consider taking out a subscription, or shoot us an email at for details on ordering individual issues.




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