It’s Elvis! New Sonic Reducer Blog

Carl Hanni tucks into a satisfying meal with
The King.


By Blurt Staff


Longtime BLURT
contributor and blogger – and ace deejay and archivist – Carl Hanni has just
posted his latest “Sonic Reducer” essay. This time out he looks back at 1998
book Last
Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley,
the classic tome from veteran
writer Peter Guralnick.


Writes Hanni, “All celebrities of Presley’s caliber – a highly select
and finite group – should be as lucky as Presley to have a writer of
Guralnick’s caliber take such a sympathetic and comprehensive look at their
life and work. The scope of the book is staggering – 488 pages on the first 23
years of Presley’s life. That kind of coverage allows for literally a day by
day (or even hour by hour) exploration of a life that few biographies can
match. Last Train to Memphis (and presumably Careless Love, which I haven’t read) is a masterwork
of research that will likely stand for all time as the definitive book(s) about
Elvis Presley; it’s impossible to imagine anyone topping it in any fashion.” 



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