First Look: New How To Destroy Angels EP



Trent Reznor and the
crew lay preparations for a new full length (due next year), albeit with
cautionary results.



By Selena Fragassi


Nine Inch Nails and West Indian Girl fans, proceed with
caution – but do proceed – with How to Destroy Angels’ newest EP An Omen. You won’t find much of the
in-your-face industrial or dreamy psych rock associated with those two bands on
this six-track effort; but what you will discover are meaty sagas of sound
experimentation that are engaging on another plateau.



Keep it together by howtodestroyangels



Reznor, frequent collaborator Atticus Ross, and Reznor’s
wife (and former West Indian Girl frontwoman) Mariqueen Maandig plus NIN
graphic designer Rob Sheridan, formed HDTA and released an EP in 2010 with
breakout hit “The Space in Between,” a dark lover’s ode far different from
anything here. Maandig remains the primary vocalist; yet she is MIA on many of
these vast orchestrations that feel like The
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
leftovers. The full LP will be out early next



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