Ethyl Meatplow’s John Napier R.I.P.


Also helmed the
Basura! record label.


By Fred Mills


Sad news for the indie rock world and fans of Carla Bozulich’s
early ‘90s band Ethyl Meatplow: her bandmate John Napier has passed away, of
unspecified reasons that look to be drug-related. Ethyl Meatplow was a dynamic,
outrageous combo that pushed the envelope sonically and sexually, although it
only mustered one full-length, 1993’s Happy
Days, Sweetheart
. Following the demise of the band Bozulich went on to
greater fame in the Geraldine Fibbers and then as a solo artist, while Napier started
the indie label Basura! and formed  the
groups E. Coli and Buccinator.


Bozulich posted a long note at her Facebook page that read, in part:


A thing like this really makes you
remember the times where your life changed course forever because you knew a
certain someone. I feel extremely lucky ever to have found my “voice”
not just my singing voice, and much of that has to do with John drawing me out
of my shell and saying, “Come on, Carla, you are still a musician. it’s just
one song on a 4-track….


John was the most dynamic performer
I’ve ever known. Sick, scary and loving. The cat that knew the best
books and records and shortwave channels. He would pull things out of nowhere.
I shiver to think what I would have missed and maybe someday I’ll make a list!
That was John.



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