Camper Van Beethoven Returns!


First album in 9 years
set for January release. It will make your brain see everything in 3D.


By Blurt Staff


You read right: it’s Camper Van Beethoven’s first album
since 2004’s New Roman Times. Titled La Costa Perdida, it drops January 22
via 429 Records. The release will mark CVB’s first album recorded as a unit
with the band cutting songs organically with all in attendance and produced
entirely by the band’s members.


We are advised it “vividly depicts untamed characters and
bizarre experiences on northern California’s
coastline, where the band began its musical adventures.” Hailing from the
Amerindie underground of the early ‘80s, CVB is an institution.


Camper Van Beethoven is: Victor Krummenacher (bass, baritone
guitar), Greg Lisher (guitars), David Lowery (guitars and vocals), Chris
Pedersen (drums), Jonathan Segel (violin, guitar, mandolin, organ, backing
vocals) and new addition Michael Urbano (drums and percussion).


On the making of the record, Krummenacher says, “The
coolest part was that everything flowed from the fact that these distinctive
musicians and personalities sat in the living room. Four people are writing it.
The songs have great energy, but we’re more relaxed and stately and a lot more




1. Come Down The Coast

2. Too High For The Love-in

3. You Got To Roll

4. Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out

5. Peaches In The Summertime

6. Northern California

7. Summer Days

8. La Costa Perdida

9. Aged In Wood

10. A Love For All Time




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