Bettie Serveert Returns w/Single, Album


Beloved Dutch band drops
new single “Had2BYou” this week, with full-length arriving in February.


By Fred Mills


It’s been over nearly three years since we heard a peep out
of Holland
rockers Bettie Serveert, featuring the winsome vocals of frontgal Carol van
Dijk. Good news for fans has arrived, however: due in early February will be
their delightfully-titled tenth album Oh,
, which like 2010’s Pharmacy
of Love
will be issued Stateside by Second Motion Records. More details
very soon. (Full disclosure: the label is an immediate business partner of
BLURT – but in even fuller disclosure, ye old editor of BLURT has been a huge
Bettie fan going all the way back to 1992’s Matador-released Palomine, so if you can’t dig that, go
get your own record label and music magazine and champion the band you love.)


Meanwhile, this week first Oh, Mayhem! single goes to iTunes, and we’ve got the freakysexycool
– and decidedly surrealistic – video for it for ya right here. Enjoy!



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