Which Musicians Would YOU Ask?


Readers and artists – step up and be
counted. Your input is requested: email us at the address below.


Blurt Staff


readers of BLURT will remember our Musicians’ Advice feature in the last issue
of our magazine, in which artists as diverse as Ian Hunter, Exene Cervenka,
Lemmy and Chuck D to Patterson Hood, Girl Talk, Oderus and Brian Wilson offered
up their nuggets of career wisdom to aspiring artists. It also ran online in
June in vastly expanded form: see “Trust Yourself… And Get A Good Lawyer (Or
Not).” We’ve got a second installment set to run in the upcoming issue (#13,
hitting newsstands in October, so be watching for that.


we hope you’re enjoying our musicians’ advice series but… there’s something
important missing here- YOU!  We want
your input, your two cents, your thoughts! 
Here’s two ways that you can join in and make this more personalized.


ARE YOU A MUSIC FAN? Along with the list of musicians we’ve already asked for
advice, who else would you like to see us ask? 
If we get enough responses for specific musicians, we’ll hunt them down
and demand answers from them, armed with your responses.


ARE YOU A MUSICIAN?  Share some of your
own advice about your work and your world with the online community.  Other musicians will benefit from your
experience and music fans will gain insight into your world and the world of
musicians in general.


way, please contact us at BlurtMusiciansAdvice@gmail.com . We’ll be sharing the most interesting responses we hear from other musicians
and keep you posted about which other musicians all of you want us to ask for
advice too.


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