St. Etienne’s Casino Classics Now 4CDs



Aphex Twin, Autechre,
Death in Vegas and Trouser Enthusiasts among the remixers added to the
already-classic collection of dance and ambient reworkings. Vocalist Sarah
Cracknell’s Lipslide solo album also gets deluxe expanded treatment.


By Fred Mills


1996 saw a unique compilation for British dance-pop mavens
Saint Etienne: Casino Classics, which
featured a then-who’s-who of remixers (see below) tackling some of the most
memorable St. E tunes as well as a few unlikely suspects. It quickly became a
fave among Etienne fans, as well as club DJs who’d previously been paying
massive prices for white-label 12-inch promos and test pressings of the tracks.


In line with the group’s deluxe/expanded editions of most of
the titles in their back catalogue, they’re now reissuing Casino Classics on Nov. 13 as an expanded four-disc set Limited Edition (the original 2CD
version also gets a refreshing as Deluxe
), not to mention additional download material – here’s the note the
band sent out to fan club members late last week:




“Hello everybody – Place
your bets, the ball’s on the wheel and wherever it lands you’re going to win!
Casino Classics is sweet sixteen and we’ve brought our remix compilation up to
date. Back in ’96 we released a compilation of remixes we had commissioned for
our first three albums. People say that we are always quick to acknowledge and
embrace ‘the dancefloor’and looking back over the remixers we have worked with,
Andrew Weatherall, The Chemical Brothers, Richard X, Masters At Work,
Underworld, Paul Van Dyk and Aphex Twin amongst others, they have a point!

        We’ve now gathered together as many of
our favourite mixes that will fit onto 4 CD’s – from Foxbase Alpha right up
until London
Conversations – and packaged them into a beautiful DVD sized hardback book. The
4 disc set also gives you access to download a further 10 mixes that we just
couldn’t squeeze in.

     For those of you on a more focussed trip,
there’s a cream-of-the-crop 2CD set available too. So get your best dancing
shoes and pay homage to art of the remix with our best known songs transformed
into ‘floor-fillers’ and ‘club classics’.”






Disc 1:

            01        Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew
Weatherhall Mix)         9:01

            02        Like A Motorway (Chemical Brothers Mix) 9:11

            03        Kiss And Make Up (Pete Heller Mix)            7:47

            04        Speedwell (The Aloof Mix)    5:54

            05        Filthy (Monkey Mafia Mix)    5:54

            06        Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters
at Work Mix)    7:39

            07        Avenue (Gordon King Mix)   6:21

            08        Who Do You Think You AreUpdate (Aphex
Twin Mix)      8:05

            09        Cool Kids Of Death (Underworld Mix)         10:27

            10        Hug My Soul (Sure Is Pure Mix)        8:01



Disc 2:

            01        Like A Motorway (David Holmes)    12:58

            02        He’s On The Phone (Primax Mix)       6:27

            03        The Sea (PFM Mix)    4:50

            04        Angel (Broadcast Mix)           4:18

            05        Sylvie (Faze Action Mix)        10:06

            06        How We Used To Live (Paul Van Dyk Mix)             8:44

            07        Boy Is Crying (Hybrid Mix)   6:29

            08        Action (DJ Tiesto Mix)           6:50

            09        Heart Failed (Two Lone Swordsman Mix)     3:39

            10        Burnt Out Car (Mark Brown Mix)     7:24

            11        Method of Modern Love (Richard X Mix)    6:00



Disc 3:

            01        Nothing Can Stop Us (Masters At Work
Mix)           5:14

            02        People Get Real (Death In Vegas Mix)          7:20

            03        Nothing Can Stop Us (Lionrock Mix)            5:45

            04        Join Our Club (Billy Nasty Mix)        6:42

            05        Who Do You Think You AreUpdate (Roger
Sanchez Mix) 6:59

            06        Your Head My Voice (Aphex Twin Mix)      4:11

            07        Like A Motorway (Autechre MIx)     8:22

            08        Pale Movie (Secret Knowledge Mix)             10:12

            09        Sometimes in Winter (Psychonaughts)           9:00

            10        He’s On The Phone (Primax Mix)       6:27

            11        Angel (Way Out West Mix)   6:37



Disc 4:

            01        Burnt Out Car (Balearico Mix)           4:18

            02        Sylvie (Trouser Enthusiast Mix)         8:04

            03        4.35 in the Morning (Kid Loco Mix) 4:37

            04        Foto Stat (Bronx
Dogs Mix)   7:19

            05        Uri Geller Bent My Boyfriend (Add N To X
Mix)    6:08

            06        Lose That Girl (Trouser Enthusiast Mix)        8:14

            07        How We Used To Live (Aim Mix)     4:27

            08        Heart Failed (Bridge And Tunnel Mix)          5:44

            09        Northwestern (Si Cut DB Mix)          5:40

            10        Action (Laub mix)      4:27

            11        Soft Like Me (K. O. W. Radiophonic Mix)   5:40

            12        Method of Modern Love (Cola Boy Mix)      6:38





But wait, there’s more! Around the same time, Etienne
vocalist Sarah Cracknell “started to write and record the solo album I’d always
dreamed of – “Coastal
Town” was written way
back in 1987! – and with the band on a ‘4 year hiatus’ between Tiger Bay and Good Humor it was an ideal time.”


To that end: Lipslide,
which may have ventured under the radar a bit – it didn’t even come out in the
US until 2000, and by then she’d changed the cover and the running order – but
was still a delightful platter. Cracknell has expanded that after digging
“through tons of old demos and unreleased material to put together a bonus disc
that I’m really pleased with. It includes an unreleased recording that I love,
a collaboration with Shack on a song called ‘Miles Apart’.”


Lipslide‘s deluxe
edition also comes out Nov. 13.



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