Sandusky, Inevitably, Changes Its Name


Not exactly a bad
move, either…


By Blurt Staff


There have been many unfortunate band names over the years –
hello, Garden Of Oafs,
Lothar & the Hand People and Grrrr! – but none in recent memory quite so
bad as Sandusky. Not that it was exactly the
indie band’s fault; the Jerry Sandusky scandal came out of the blue. Still…


The group has just announced it is rechristening itself All
Kings All Poets. Corey Keller, best known for his time in A Sequence Of Ghosts
and as a solo artist, had launched his new band Sandusky with longtime friend Duncan Mathew
back in July. While the band tried to focus on the music and their message, the
backlash against the name became louder and louder over time reaching a peak
where the band had no other choice but to change the name. The project will
release their debut record this Thursday, October 4th, entitled What We’ve Become.


 The band has issued an official statement that reads:


 “First off,
thanks to all of you for your enormous support already! We are super blessed,
and super appreciative. All of you gave your support from the start, and we’ll
always remember that. Now, we hope your support will grow with this
announcement. We have made the decision to change from Sandusky as the band name. We know this will
be a relief to a lot of you. We are, as of today, “All Kings All
Poets”. Nothing about us as a band is changing, just what we call
ourselves. The reason is the expected….the name. The reason we stuck with it
is because we loved it. But, we realized as time went on, that it was going to
be a big a problem. Especially with how short that time period was. The thing
we don’t want is for people to not hear our music, or our message, because of
our band name. We also do not want to be prideful, and offend people with
something like a band name. We apologize to anyone we may have offended. We
hope you’ll give us another chance. For those who have supported us through
this whole phase, we are extraordinarily grateful, and hope we still have your
support, and even more.”




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