Report: Laetitia Sadier Live in Denver


At the Hi-Dive club on Oct. 10, the
erstwhile Stereolab chanteuse made good on her solo career promises.


By Tim Hinely


It wasn’t until
I did the research for this live review that I found out that Stereolab had
officially broken up. I knew that they had been on an extended hiatus and that
Sadier had split from her husband, and co-leader of Stereolab, Tim Gane, but
then I read in a few places that their main concern had split. I’m not sure how
many, if any, solo tours Sadier has done but this was the first time I had seen
her solo (after seeing Stereolab many times over the years) and she brought
with her a stripped own band including 
laid-back, bearded bassist Julien Gasc and rubbery drummer Jim Elkington
(who also seemed to be working the pre-recorded keyboards).  Up front, of course, was Laetitia, looking
cheery and perhaps even in a bit of a silly mood for the nicely crowded (and
appreciative) Hi-Dive onlookers. She showed off her new guitar which she said
“will be something to remember your city by” as she must’ve purchased it
earlier that day at a Denver
music shop.


The set was a
nice mix of material off her two solo records including her new one Silencio (and 2010’s The Trip). Opening up with the leadoff
track from the new record “Rule of the Game” the set wavered between snappier,
upbeat material and sparser, spacier cuts too. Other newer cuts included
“Between Earth and Heaven,” “There’s a Price to Pay for Freedom (and it isn’t
Security) which Sadier referred to as “a political rant” and “Auscultation to
the Nation” (plus the requisite few songs sung in her native French). I wasn’t
blown away by the set, but it was certainly pleasant to say the least with some
surprising pop moments (that sounded more trance and hypnotic on the record).


Also, bravo to
Sadier for distancing herself from Stereolab’s retro space-age lounge material
and striking out on her own in an original fashion, especially the rough last
few years she has had. She’s not just a survivor, she’s a fighter who always
seems to want to keep moving forward and deserves the ultimate respect for


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