Report: Dinosaur Jr Live in Denver


October 15 at the Bluebird theater – J,
Murph and Lou, no lie!


By Tim Hinely


Ok, I’m going to
show my old fart status here, but even though it’s been nearly 25 years since
the name change, I still call them Dinosaur and have never felt comfortable
adding the Jr. on to it (it was the later copies of their classic 2nd record, You’re Living All Over Me where it was added, my first pressing copy didn’t have the Jr. on it). It’s
hard to believe that the original trio of J., Lou and Murph have now released
three records since they reformed, as many as they did before they first broke
up. Anywho, it’s always good to see them and on this sold out night at the
Bluebird they were as good as ever and the crowd was ready for the bands heavy


Focusing mostly
on material from their newly-released Jagjaguwar release, I Bet the Sky, at least for the first half of the set, the opening
cut was “See It on Your Side” and a smokin’ version of another newbie, “Watch
the Corners.” The new material sounds solid, but a lot of the crowd were
hungering for some of the earlier, classic material and they delivered with
searing versions of “Feel the Pain,” 
“The Wagon,” “Sludgefeast,” “Freak Scene” and they even broke out a song
from Lou and J’s previous band Deep Wound when they launched into “Training
Ground” (but not before a hilarious diatribe from Lou about how he never went
to college but wished he did). For encores they fired the engine back up again
with “Out There” and their cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven (done Dinosaur
Jr-styley, of course).  Lou made up for
J’s lack of chatter (I think J uttered three words the whole night when he said
“Hey, thanks a lot” in the middle of the set) being his chatty self with the
crowd (Murph? That guy just did the human metronome thing and drummed!). 


I never get
tired of seeing this band and you shouldn’t either. Just always, remember the
earplugs. Always.




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