John Moore’s Blog: Play Date


kids’ music from the Bouncing Souls frontman.


By Blurt Staff


Jammin’ John B. Moore has filed the latest installment in
his “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” BLURT blog in which all things punk come under his
purview. This time out: a conversation with Bouncing Souls frontman Greg
Attonito, who along with his wife Shanti Wintergate, christened themselves Play
Date earlier this year and went to work on the nearly dozen tunes that became Imagination, a kids-music album full of
non-ironic, catchy tunes.


“The reaction from friends and family was total excitement,”
notes Attonito. ” Lots of friends actually begged us to save them from
“Kids Music Hell” (laughs)! So we knew we had to focus on making
music parents would enjoy as well. The Bouncing Souls family have been so
supportive and enthusiastic about this venture.  Pete Steinkopf (Bouncing
Souls guitarist) actually engineered and helped us produce the record and
Michael McDermott (Bouncing Souls drummer) played drums on the album. We had a
blast in the creation of the record. It sounds great and all the positive
energy from friends, family and The Bouncing Souls made it that much better!”


Go here to read Moore’s
entire interview.

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