Incoming: The Move’s "Lost Broadcasts" DVD


With apologies to Rocky Horror Picture Show… let’s do “The
Brontosaurus” again…!


By Blurt Staff


Legendary 1960s British band The
Move gets resurrected anew via ‘The Lost
, on DVD by Gonzo MultiMedia and culled from various
performances on German TV between 1968 and 1971. The tracks on this DVD come
from a number of different sessions, some of which have surfaced on bootleg VHS
and DVDs in the past:


  • Blackberry Way, 3mins 37
    secs. (BW)  January 69
  • Brontosaurus  
    4mins 30secs (colour, live studio,) 13th April 1970
  • Curly 2mins 49 secs (BW)
    August 69
  • The Words of Aaron 5mins
    21sec (Colour, Live, Rare,) 25/11/70
  • Ella James 1mins 18secs
    – Aborted 25/11/71 (Colour, Live Aborted take)  
  • Ella James 4mins 4 secs
      25/11/71 (Colour).
  • Down On The Bay 4mins
    52secs(Colour, Live) 25/11/71
  • Down on The Bay 4mins
    49secs (Colour Live,  same clip with Blue key used) 25/11/71
  • Fire Brigade 2mins
    23Secs (BW) March 68
  • When Alice comes back to the Farm 4mins
    08secs (Colour, Live) 27/12/70
  • Wild Tiger Woman 2mins
    31secs (BW) September 68







The backstory: The
Move, which enjoyed numerous hit singles in the UK but never quite broke on
American shores, formed in 1965 by bassist-vocalist Chris “Ace”
Kefford who was the original leader. However he was soon usurped by the
multitalented guitarist, singer and songwriter Roy Wood who undoubtedly one of
Rock music’s true polymaths. He composed all the group’s UK singles and,
from 1968, also sang lead vocals on many songs, although Carl Wayne was the
main lead singer up to 1970. Beside Wood and Kefford, the original five-piece
line-up of The Move in 1965 was drummer Bev Bevan, bassist Kefford,
vocalist Carl Wayne and guitarist Trevor Burton. Initially the band had 4 main
vocalists (Wayne, Wood, Trevor Burton and Kefford). When Wayne left in 1970 he was replaced by Jeff
Lynne, late of massively under-rated band The Idle Race, and the dynamic of the
band changed forever. The final line-up of 1972 was the trio of Wood, Bevan and
Jeff Lynne, who were also launching another band – the Electric Light

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