Help Fund the Joe Meek Movie



Only one week left to finance documentary about the lunatic genius record producer and godfather of DIY recording.


By Blurt Staff


Attention Joe Meek fans! Howard S. Berger and Susan Stahman have spent the last nine years on this tribute to Meek, the wonderfully wackadoo genius 1960s record producer behind the most successful pop instrumental record, ever: “Telstar.” Not to mention the godfather of DIY recording.


The pair has flown around the world on donated frequent flyer miles to interview more than 70 “friends, family members, colleagues, employees, enthusiasts, critics and biographers of Meek including rock luminaries Jimmy Page, Steve Howe, Big Jim Sullivan, Edwyn Collins, Alex Kapranos (of Franz Ferdinand), Keith Strickland (of The B-52’s) and Huw Bunford (of Super Furry Animals)” but otherwise financed the entire film on their own dime. Until now.


To finish the doc, Stahman and Berger need $40,000. They’re already raised $23,784, but there is only a week left in the campaign – and if they don’t raise the rest, they get nothin’. Check out the trailer in the Kickstarter video below and, if you can, give a little.





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