Gonerfest 2012 Photos/Report (Pt. 1)


Number 9… number 9…
number 9… this year’s Gonerfest (Sept. 27-30) in Memphis, courtesy our pals at Goner Records
(and a load of other cool folks), was a corker. Our correspondent lived to tell
about it, and file some choice images, too. Pictured above: The Oblivians!


Text/Photos by Marty Perez


Before the photos, some observations on Gonerfest:




  • Part record
    convention, part frat party
    …Gonerfest pops up toward the end of September of each year. Scheduling/hype for next Gonerfest begins
    on-line around May. Hosted by the Memphis
    based Goner label/store.


  • Memphis lactates music; all you’ve got to do
    is suckle.


  • It’s not un-likely
    to find yerself
    in the same crowd, stayin’ at the same motel, eatin’ at the
    same burger/BBQ joint or elbowin’ up to bar next to the “goner” that was jumpin-n-
    hollerin on stage a few hours before. In Memphis
    for that weekend we’s all “goner’s” whether you from Belgium,
    Japan, Memphis – or outer space.


  • The three individual
    O’s of the Oblivians
    are mighty busy by themselves. BUT, when they’re together
    AND focused The Oblivians ARE one of R&R’s finest killing machines; I’m
    just say’n…


  • Attend a Gonerfest
    and you’ll NOT:
    have your pocket pinched (unless you care to spend freely);
    be forced to sit through a crummy opening band; wait in long lines at a port ‘o
    potty; watch people “re-live” their Woodstock fantasies; be reminded of the
    baby food that passes for music nowadays; or go hungry.


•Attend a Gonerfest
and you WILL:
meet/establish at least one new friendship with a fellow
music geek/aficionado; discover some old new wicked ass music/bands; and find out
you like Memphis.



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