Ty Segall Speaks! Plus: New Info-mercial


Heady, er, heavy
fwends time for the garage demon.


By Blurt Staff


City calls it “an
explosive belt in the chops… sheer metallic sheen,” and we have to concur –
that would be on garage champ Ty Segall’s upcoming Twins, which drops via DC on Oct. 9. As Segall recently told BLURT
in an exclusive interview,  “One of the
goals of this record was to make it a guitar heavy record. I had never done
that before.” And, indeed, Twins is
uncharacteristically shreddy and riff-centered, with three and four guitar
parts layered over one another in some tracks. That’s a big shift for an artist
who came out of Southern California’s
skateboard punk scene and revered bands like Minor Threat and Bad Brains. Lately,
though Segall says, “I’m into heavier rock music, like 1960s and early 1970s
stuff. Blue Cheer and Hawkwind and Sabbath and Hendrix and Cream, those are all
my favorite guitar sounds. I got really into kraut-y stuff. Noisy stuff.”


You can read the full interview here soon and as part of a
big 4-band garage-rock special in the fall print issue. So meanwhile, check out
Segall’s “Twins Commercial” video as
well as the previously unveiled clip for “The Hill.”



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