Report: Wild Nothing + Diiv Live Denver



12 at the Larimer Lounge it was a reverb and effects pedal buffet for the
dreampop bands.


By Tim Hinely


Two Captured Tracks bands come to town on this crisp
Wednesday evening. One of the knocks on the Captured
Tracks bands is that they all sound the same, that breezy, new-wavey dream pop
that a lot of the bands seem to employ. Now while this isn’t entirely true
there definitely are some similarities between the two bands tonight as well as
other (Beach Fossils, etc.) but hey, if it’s a sound you like (like me) then
you’ll think you’ve hit paydirt.


Diiv were
formerly known as Dive had to change their name for some reason (rumors of a
Belgian industrial band with the same name…yawn) but they seem to have taken
the name change in stride. They strode out onto the Larimer stage and were a
mesh/mess/mash of hair and fuzz pedals (and cool shirts too as the singer had a
bright red Mickey Mouse tee on while the hirsute lead guitarist sported a
Yankees tee with Mattingly on the back). They dove head first starting off with
an instrumental and then hypnotizing the near-capacity crowd at the Larimer
with a hazy 45 minute set complete with fuzz, melody and some well-placed
yelps, too. Musically they seemed to hit that sweet spot right where indie pop,
shoe gaze and grunge all make nice with each other. They played most (or all)
off their latest C.T. release, Oshin and cuts like “Human” and “Past Lives” grew wild-eyed stares from the fans.


Virginia’s Wild
Nothing hit the stage at 10:15 PM sharp (thank you Larimer for not starting the
headlining band at some ungodly hour) and leader Jack Tatum had 4 others in
town with him including another guitarist (Tatum also played guitar) as well as
bass, drums and a keyboardist (a keyboardist who had recently broken his hand,
I think Tatum said, in a skateboarding stunt). Like Diiv, Wild Nothing, also
have a new release out on the label-of-the-minute, one called Nocturne which is at least as good as
their terrific debut (Gemini), maybe
better as it ups the ante with even dreamier and reverbier pop than before.
With a light show making it look like an Echo & the Bunnymen gig from the
back of the club, Wild Nothing tore through plenty of new ones as well as a few
off said debut and a few off their stopgap Golden
ep from last year (including the title track) but it was the new
tracks that really wowed the crowd, swerving cuts like “Shadow”, “Only Heather’
and the title track. If they played a few encores I wasn’t aware of it as the
clock struck 11:15 and my magic carpet awaited out front for me, but seriously,
if you get a chance to catch either of these two acts (and the 80’s were not a
decade that made you musically vomit) then enter with a kick to your step.



[Photo via Wild Nothing’s Facebook page;
pic by Marick Stawis]



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