MP3: Joseph Arthur’s Lost-van Blues


The City of New York knows where the
damn thing is…


By Blurt Staff


You may have noticed our news item the other day about
Joseph Arthur’s van getting towed and impounded in NYC and subsequently
auctioned by the powers that be – with all its contents, which included musical
gear and original paintings, included. Here’s a song Arthur knocked out a
couple of days ago to share with fans:



Joseph Arthur “Where Is My Van”



Where is My Van by josepharthur


Written by Joseph & Kraig Jarret Johnson, and recorded
on a dictaphone the weekend Joseph learned his touring van, equipment,
paintings and things of great sentimental value had been sold at auction by the
City of New York.
Civil rights attorney Ron Kuby (of Big Lewbowski fame) has taken this on. (Full
story is in the New York Times: )


Incidentally, Joseph, Kraig and Peter Buck performed the
song 8/27 at City Winery in New York


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