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Gringo nervous.


By Blurt Staff


Subject header says it all: this time, for the great Texas singer/songwriter/rocker’s “Wasteland Bait &
Tackle” blog,
he disembarks in Mexico
and heads off down the highway on a mini-odyssey punctuated by quirks of an
indigenous sort (bribe-requesting cops included). Wait’ll you read the
punchline, though – it’ll make you rethink everything you just read.



As McMurtry meditates (cue
up noir voice
), T”here was a strange woman in the office. She gave me a map
and drew directions on it, directions which eventually proved very helpful for
getting out of the airport. But she kept
asking questions which I had already answered. She wanted to know where we were
staying and for how long, and kept
suggesting that we were going to Playa del Carmen rather than Merida. I couldn’t tell if she worked for the
casinos in Playa del Carmen and was trying to hypnotize me into going there, or
if she were some kind of cop trying to trip me up….”



Food for thought, and more, at McMurtry’s blog.

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