Girl Talk Jumps Shark, Posts Cat Video


No, seriously, it is definitely not awesome.

By Perez Mills

The under-25 demographic of the blogosphere is all agog over how Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, has uploaded a cute-cat video to the web. Some commentators (like this one and this one) seem to think there is something deeply and snarkily ironic about a clip of a cat synched to a moldy old Collective Soul song, of course.

Collective Soul Cat

Uh, that’s not how we read it, dudes. Musically speaking, we actually lived through the ’90s and the ’90s sucked, period. Internet meme or not, and this is just a bad flashback; “Shine” was among the worst of the bottom-feeding alterna-bandwagon-hoppers.


The cat IS cute, however (he reminds us of our own office cat Mr. Bongo).

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