Fiona Apple Pulls a Full (Willie) Nelson


Popular singer songwriter arrested for hash and weed possession in Texas.

By Frd Mills

Arrested Wednesday night at Sierra Blanca, Texas, according to, was Fiona Apple following a routine check of her tour bus. Drug-sniffing dogs detected drugs in a backpack which reportedly contained .01 pounds of marijuana and .01 pounds of hashish.

Apple admitted the dope was hers and she was arrested, spent the night in jail, and was released Thursday morning after posting a $10,000 bond.

Willie Nelson would be proud, methinks. Incidentally, there’s a funny but a revealing article over at E! Online about why the same checkpoint, located about 20 miles from Mexico, has yielded its share of celeb busts over the years – including Nelson, natch, along with Snoop Dogg, Paul Wall and Arnie Hammer. (Given the metaphorical red flags that are clearly waving in the air above Sierra Blanca, cue up that old adage about weed not making you more sensitive and creative, just stupider. Can you spell D-E-T-O-U-R?)

The checkpoint, notes the story, is where drug mules are often stopped and apprehended. And “that checkpoint also happens to sit on I-10, an interstate highway that
runs from Los Angeles to Florida. Why is that important? Because film
crews often travel through there to shoot. And musicians often bring
their tours through the Southwest on that very highway. They also,
oftentimes, bring their stash. And arrests are bound to follow.”


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