Field Music to Release Covers Album


Not necessarily the dreaded “writer’s block syndrome” that often aflicts artists who do covers sets…

By Fred Mills

It’s only been a few months since prolific British band Field Music released their fourth full-length, Plumb (read the review here). Now word arrives (via Pitchfork) that Peter and David Brewis have recorded a collection of all-covers that includes Roxy Music, Syd Barrett, Beatles, John Cale and more. You can check out the track listing for Play below; it’s slated for release sometime this fall.

And listen to the Roxy track as well:

Field Music – If There Is Something by memphisindustries

1. “Terrapin” (Syd Barrett)
2. “Born Again Cretin” (Robert Wyatt)
3. “Heart” (Pet Shop Boys)
4. “If There is Something” (Roxy Music)
5. “Don’t Pass Me By” (the Beatles)
6. “Suzanne” (Leonard Cohen)
7. “Fear is a Man’s Best Friend” (John Cale)
8. “Rent” (Pet Shop Boys)

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