Cheap Trick Drummer Feuding w/Members


Initially asked not to
tour with the band, Carlos now finds himself not invited to take part in
recording session.


By Fred Mills


Bun E Carlos of Cheap Trick took to his website this week with a very unique,
eyebrow-raising post that read thusly:


“Bun E Carlos, Cheap
Trick’s founding member and longtime drummer joins all Cheap Trick fans in
supporting the Special Olympics, but wants all his fans to know that he was not
invited to participate in the track attributed to Cheap Trick scheduled to be
on the Special Olympics Christmas album. Bun E stated, ‘There are no Led
Zeppelin records without John Bonham and there’s no Leave It To Beaver without
Jerry Mathers! I remain humbled and grateful for the support of Cheap Trick’s
fans and please support and their very important initiatives.'”


Meow. As is reporting, the Cheap Trick drummer
is pretty shocked – and clearly steamed – over his band members not inviting
him to participate in the recording of the Special Olympics tune, and that his
opting not to tour with the band on
its most recent tour (Rick Nielsen’s son Daxx filled in) was not actually his own decision – but that
he is emphatically still a member as far as he is concerned.


Carlos told Billboard, “I’m a full member of Cheap Trick in all
respects. Solely as an accommodation to some of the band members, I reluctantly
agreed to take a temporary hiatus from touring. The other members have never
seriously talked to me about my leaving the band permanently. The Special
Olympics was as surprised by this as I was… they had no idea I wasn’t on the
record. And, I don’t want them to lose an opportunity to support this great
cause because of this. But Tom, Rick, and Robin simply can’t make a recording
without me and call it Cheap Trick.”


Stay tuned as this soap opera continues to unfold… Meanwhile, let’s rock!




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