“Beck & Flying Lotus Working Together"


No release date for
the song has been set yet, however.


By Blurt Staff


Earlier today the Drowned In Sound folks tweeted:



DrownedinSound.com ‏@DrownedinSound News:
BECK and Flying Lotus have been working together http://bit.ly/PTYXcJ



Indeed – with the new Until
the Quiet Comes
set to arrive Oct. 1 on Warp, FlyLo – Steven Ellison –
dropped the word in an interview (to be published soon) with the webzine that
he “has recorded a single with Beck. ‘He hit me up after the last record and
wanted to do something,’ explained the man born Steven Ellison. ‘It sounds like
Can but fucked up. It’s really quite dark.’ The song, which ‘is just fucking
sat [sic] there on my hard drive waiting for when the time is right,’ says
Ellison, has no release date at present,” according to DIS.


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