Waterboys’ Scott Pens Memoir


“Adventures of a Waterboy” arrives in September
via Jawbone Press.


By Blurt Staff


“I was six or seven when I noticed the music in my head. 
It was there in the classroom, on the football pitch, at the dinner table, when
I went to sleep and when I woke up. And it’s continued ever since.”
  – Mike Scott


a teenager in Scotland, Mike
Scott played in punk and garage bands, hitchhiked to see Bob Dylan play, and
scammed his way into Patti Smith’s inner circle during an eye-opening weekend
in London. In
1983 he formed The Waterboys with an ever-rotating cast of collaborators
including The Fellow Who Fiddles (Steve Wickham) and The Human Saxophone
(Anthony Thistlethwaite) and soon found international success with the ‘big
music’ sound of songs like ‘Don’t Bang The Drum’ and ‘The Whole Of The Moon’.


In 1986 Scott travelled to Ireland
to spend a week with Wickham and ended up staying for six years. During that
time he developed a deep interest in roots and folk music, resulting in The
Waterboys’ best-selling album, Fisherman’s
. After scaling the heights of success and moving the band to New York, he followed another fascination and went to
live in the Findhorn spiritual community in Northern


Adventures Of A
is described by the publisher as “an evocative
memoir by one of the great British songwriters of the past four decades. It is
an honest and revealing work, by turns heartfelt and funny, that tells the
story of a cocky Scot with a sound in his head and his lifelong efforts to
reproduce that sound – a story that runs from teenage fandom to international
stardom, from Scotland to New York City and

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