Watch New Live DVD From Grip Weeds


It’s sensibly titled Live Vibes (recently
issued by the Ground Up label) but the unhinged, late-sixties psych ambiance
will alter the senses. View the trailer below.


By Lee Zimmerman

Regardless of whether
one’s familiar with New Jersey’s
Grip Weeds or a novice as far as their power pop attributes are concerned, Live Vibes (Ground Up Records) provides
the perfect step by step indoctrination into the Grip Weeds’ world. It’s one in
which it’s forever 1968 and bands like the Byrds, the Who and Pink Floyd are
playing residencies at London’s UFO club and the world’s forever immersed in a
psychedelic haze.


An excellent
companion piece to the band’s just released live opus Speed of Live which bears 15 entirely different
selections recorded at various Garden State locations, this DVD spotlights the
band in their own home studio surroundings, which they affectionately refer to
as The House of Vibes. Ten homegrown performances — as well as four bonus
videos — provide the musical component, and with each of the live performances
shot through the gauze of psychedelic suggestion — swirling colors, trippy
effects and the likes — the band attempt to recall early pre-MTV videos when
the emphasis was placed almost entirely on lysergic content. “If our music is a
throwback, then so are we,” they proclaim in one of the interview segments that
sandwich each of the performances. Indeed, that’s easy to imagine, given their
carefully groomed rock star shags and a bottom-heavy rhythms section that owes
more than a slight debt to Keith Moon and John Entwistle’s undertow.





Their own descriptions of their sound certainly suffices (“Lots of
guitars, lots of drums and very loud,” or as one of the members suggests later,
“The Everly Brothers on acid”), and while the lengthy recitations on the band’s
origins, evolution and song theory hints at some self-indulgence, at just under
an hour, there’s no danger of losing interest by dragging on too long. “It’s
great being a Rock musician if you know where you can go with it,” they
speculate towards the conclusion, and indeed, as Live Vibes
so ably demonstrates, they remain steady as they go.


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