Watch Kindness-Trouble Funk Video Collab


“That’s Alright”
featuring the man and the band premieres at Noisey. Watch the full video, below
– and drop the bomb.


A message from Adam
Bainbridge of Kindness:


Hello, my name is Adam. I make music under the name of
Kindness. This is a press release to explain a little about the video we have
just made for ‘That’s Alright’.


‘That’s Alright’ is almost entirely based upon samples from
the Trouble Funk song ‘Still Smokin’. Trouble Funk are a go-go group from Washington DC,
who have existed in one form or another since 1978, and previous to that as a
more straightforwardly r’n’b oriented act called the Trouble Band. 





Go-go has been on my radar since Rich Harrison first started
putting out incredible songs with a go-go influence. As a DC area native, Harrison knew well the urgency and vitality of go-go, and
its unswervable effect on an audience. Hence his use of go-go breaks in ‘Crazy
in Love’ by Beyonce, ‘One Thing’ by Amerie and ‘Take this Ring’ by Toni


In clearing a sample for use in a song, you have to send a
copy to the original writers for approval and publishing clearance. So I knew
that Trouble Funk ought to have heard the song already. For that reason I
thought we might try and take things a step further. Would the band perhaps be
interested in performing the new version of their song for the video? And could
they find me something to do?


My flight into Washington
DC was sadly delayed. The
rehearsal which was due to be our first meeting went ahead without me. In fact,
the first time we got up together on stage was shortly before the doors opened
at the U Street
Music Hall, in the heart of Washington, a short
stroll from the White House.


Playing with Trouble will remain one of the most
awe-inspiring experiences of my life. Bands like these are few and far between.
I hope we manage to capture
something of the musicality and vibrancy of the go-go scene, and cement a
little more the legacy of the incredible players, song writers and talents who
compose these bands – those still gigging, moving a crowd and finding that
sweet ‘socket’ together.


We’re in the process of putting together a documentary piece
to accompany this video – between them, Big Tony and Tee Bone, both founder
members of Trouble Funk have 68 years of playing time under their belts, and
that’s with this one band alone. They tell the story of go-go better than I
can, and those with an interest in what they’re doing should reach out to them


In the meantime, please enjoy ‘That’s Alright’, as performed
by the band that inspired it, with a slightly overwhelmed Brit at the back of
the stage.



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