UPDATE: Young/Crazy Horse LP a Double



Album to be released in October, and already playing a slew
of the new songs in concert. Below, check out a couple of clips.


By Blurt Staff


Note: A few weeks ago we reported (see below) on the upcoming Neil Young/Crazy Horse album. Yesterday it was disclosed at Young’s official website that this new set will arrive as a two-CD set, a triple vinyl release and a “recommended” hi-fi Blu-ray disc. Videos will be included on the latter. A full tour will accompany the October release of Psychedelic Pill.


With Neil Young and Crazy Horse currently on tour to promote
their quirky Americana album, it
appears that the band isn’t particularly crazy about that record’s songs at
least not enough to play them in concert. Guitarist Frank Sampedro told the
that only “Jesus’ Chariot” has become a setlist mainstay (Sampedro:
“[The other songs] just didn’t fit in. Somehow they really sound good when
we play them together, but when we play them in a set they just didn’t fit in.
I told Neil that I thought it was a lot of fun playing them and they’re great
songs, but our soul and our hearts aren’t in them.”)


As a result, or possibly as already planned, the band will
be issuing yet another new NY&CH album in October, provisionally titled Psychedelic Pill, to coincide with
another leg of the live tour. That’s also the name of a new, unreleased song
the Horse has been playing in concert, and as Uncut.co.uk reports, it’s being
abetted by five other unreleased tracks that may or may not appear on the
upcoming LP: the new “Walk Like A Giant” and “Ramada Inn,” plus previously-performed
“Twisted Road” and “For The Love of Man” along with “Born in Ontario.”


Below, check some of ‘em out…



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