UPDATE: SXSW’s Brent Grulke R.I.P.


Was an integral part
of the Austin
confab’s mix since its beginning.


By Blurt Staff


Sad news arrived for Austin
music fans and anyone who’s ever attended the annual South By Southwest
festival: Brent Grulke, 52, has passed away, of undisclosed causes – he was the
creative director for SXSW.


According to a news post this afternoon at Austin360.com:


“Grulke had worked for
the festival since its founding in 1987. In 1994 he became the creative
director, overseeing the booking of acts for the music festival. ‘A lot of
Brent’s personality was in SXSW,’ SXSW director and co-founder Roland Swenson
said Monday. ‘He was adventurous and knowledgeable and excited about creative
people and endeavors. He didn’t like the usual and mundane. He was open-minded
enough to know that his taste wasn’t always the most important thing, so he was
open to new things.'”


Check the above link for more details as they are released.


UPDATE: We’ve learned that Grulke died from a heart attack following oral surgery in Austin.



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