Tom Morello Says Nurtz to Paul Ryan


Floats possibility
that the “extreme fringe right wing nutjob” is actually a mole – shades of The
Manchurian Candidate!


By Fred Mills is reporting on Rage Against
The Machine/The Nightwatchman Tom Morello’s recent dismissal of congressman
Paul Ryan, aka Mitt Romney’s running mate. Apparently the right-wing politician
has told interviewers that he’s an old RATM fan, and an alternately
bemused/peeved Morello decided to pen an op-ed for RS in which he states pretty
succinctly that he is no fan of Ryan. He also points out how back in the ‘60s,
Charles Manson was a fan of the Beatles but clearly didn’t get what they were about


“Ryan claims that he likes Rage’s sound, but not the
lyrics,” writes Morello. “Well, I don’t care for Paul Ryan’s sound or his lyrics. He can like whatever bands he wants, but his guiding vision of
shifting revenue more radically to the one percent is antithetical to the
message of Rage.”


Morello concludes his essay on, er, a positive note,


“My hope is that maybe Paul Ryan is a mole. Maybe Rage did plant some sensible ideas in this extreme fringe right wing nut job. Maybe if
elected, he’ll pardon Leonard Peltier.  Maybe he’ll throw U.S. military
support behind the Zapatistas. Maybe he’ll fill Guantanamo Bay
with the corporate criminals that are funding his campaign – and then torture
them with Rage music 24/7. That’s one possibility.


“But I’m not betting on it.”


Read the entire Morello essay right here.




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