Rapper Busted, Earth Tilts on Axis


“Failure to file tax returns” is the
new “drive-by shooting.”


By Uncle Blurt


Chris Schwartz,
CEO of hip-hop label Ruffhouse Records, today announced his ongoing support of Beanie
Sigel following the Philadelphia rapper’s arrest
this morning during a traffic stop in Essington,
PA. Sigel was arrested one day following the release of his Ruffhouse
Records debut album, This Time. The “master
lyricist” has been on a media blitz promoting the album, and is scheduled to
report to federal prison Sept. 12 to
begin serving a two-year sentence for failure to file tax returns.


we’re very disappointed,” commented Schwartz. “However, Beanie has done nothing
but display the utmost professionalism in all the initiatives related to the
promotion of his new release. Beanie obviously has been struggling with some
personal issues, and we continue to support him now and throughout his
impending incarceration.”


  “We are
awaiting the immediate outcome regarding the machinations of his current legal
status before we can comment further about his future promotional schedule,”
said Schwartz.


We ALL are awaiting word on said machinations. Here’s hoping
Sigel doesn’t get fucked wit’ in the joint. Tax evasion ain’t exactly the way
to build up one’s street cred in the hip-hop world.

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