Popular Hip-hop Site Unveils Kreayshawn Art


It’s as awesome as all
those Kanye West alternate sleeves! Next up: Young Jeezy’s tribute to John


By Perez Mills

Popular hip-hop/urban music website Pitchfork got the scoop over established magazines Vibe and The Source today when suburban crossover sensation Kreayshawn
leaked (in Pitchfork‘s breathless
words) the “monstrosity/delight that is the artwork for her upcoming debut
album Somethin’ Bout Kreay” (bizarrely,
the editors failed to add the necessary [sic] after the album title]. We are additionally advised, per the artist’s deep, tru
thoughts as quoted in the news piece, “I wanted an album cover that would
really help to represent me and who I am. Something that, when people first see
it, they’ll say, ‘only Kreayshawn could think of a cover like that.'”


Tru, dat! The album is out Sept. 18., just in time for the post-Sept. 11 mega-release date hangover that will be keeping most record shoppers bedridden with buyer’s remorse.

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