NME Picks the Worst LP Sleeves… Ever!


Piss-poor, indeed –
bloody well right, mates.


By Fred Mills


If you like music, you love lists – making ‘em, debating
‘em, drinking and thinking about ‘em (sorry, that was redundant), and most of
all, reading about ‘em. Britain’s New
Musical Express
online this week has compiled a most excellent (though
somewhat skewed towards that peculiar Brit tendency towards the arch, like the Arctic Monkeys’ brilliant
Suck It And See minimalist
extravaganza) pictorial list they’re calling, quite sensibly, “75 Piss-Poor
Album Sleeves.”


You won’t find too much tilting towards the super-obscure – say,
the micro-genre of pre-‘90s Christian praise music… wait, they DID include The
Faith Tones, nevermind… And when you consider that they hate the Butthole
Surfers’ demented ElectricLarryland, not
to mention having no clue whatsoever about the great backstory of Orion
(pictured above) which would automatically negate the “piss poor” category for
the mysterious Elvis worshiper, well, you’re almost talkin’ fightin’ words.


But it’s definitely worth a few chuckles and the occasional arghhh. Among our faves (translation: we
agree the covers are ghastly) of the 75:








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