John Moore’s Blurt Blog: Redd Kross


The Cali punk upstarts – now, considering their longevity, the
Cali punk
godfathers – speak!


By Blurt Staff


Jumpin’ John B. Moore has filed the latest installment in
his “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” BLURT blog in which all things punk come under his
purview. This time out: a conversation with Jeff McDonald, co-founder (with his
brother Steven) of legendary punk band Redd Kross. (Elsewhere on the site ou can also read BLURT
contributor Barry St. Vitus’ recent interview with Steven, by the way.)


“I was the only one [in the band] who hadn’t stepped on a
stage for over a decade,” says McDonald, of the genesis of Redd Kross’ reunion.
“So when we had an offer to play this festival in Los Angeles – it was the Don’t Knock the Rock
Film and Music Festival that was curated by a really good friend of mine – I
just said okay, we’ll do a Redd Kross set and we just had a lot of fun. I was
able to get over any kind of fear or apprehension I had about going on stage
and then it just felt very natural from that point on.”


Go here to read Moore’s
entire interview.




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