John Moore’s Blurt Blog: Drowning Men


The Oceanside, CA
indie rock outfit is on a roll.


By Blurt Staff


Our punk expert John B. Moore has filed the latest installment in
his “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” BLURT blog which regularly covers all things loud, fast, and scientific. This time out: a conversation with The Drowning Men’s Nato Bardeen
talks about his band, working with Flogging Molly’s Dave King, playing the
Theremin, and more.


our first big tour,” says Bardeen, “what [King] told all of us in his hotel
room one night was that when were on that stage, we need to absolutely own it.
You need to believe there is no other band better than you in that time, on
that stage, in that moment. Total confidence. This is also the advice Angus
Young gave him when he was opening up for AC/DC years ago.”


Go here to read Moore’s
entire interview.


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