Jeff/Tim Buckley Docudrama to Premiere


Will be unveiled Sept. 6-13 at the Toronto International Film Festival, amid
“all that internet chatter,” natch.


By Blurt Staff


Below view the film trailer to the upcoming (and somewhat
marketing-wise inscrutably-titled) Greetings
From Tim Buckley
. The über-indie movie will/should be a highlight of the
upcoming TIFF (Sept. 6-13), although
when you consider the rabid nature of 
the fans of the actual film subject – that would be Jeff Buckley,
portrayed by Gossip Girl actor Penn
Badgley – the gloves apparently are off, as message board have been alive with
the sound of… not music, but queries. Sounds like a buzz is building.


Here’s a clip of Badgley singing a Buckley tune, followed by the general promotional
description (also read the
), and then followed by some photos.






Official Synopsis: In
1991 an unknown twenty four year-old L.A.
musician, is invited to participate in a tribute concert in New York City for his late father Tim
Buckley, the iconic folk rock star. In the days leading up to the concert, Jeff
grapples with his own self doubts and the legacy of his famous father. But with
the loving help of an enigmatic young woman working at the concert, he finds
the courage to perform at the now legendary St. Ann’s concert, where Jeff discovers his
own voice singing his father’s songs, captivating
the audience and launching Jeff’s own meteoric career. Simultaneously told in
1991 and 1966, GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY poignantly explores the interweaving paths of a father and son who were among
the most beloved singer-songwriters of their generations.


Penn Badgely (aka Jeff Buckley – the late singer is
pictured, above)




Ben Rosenfeld (Through
A Glass Darkly,
aka Tim Buckley):




Tim Buckley:


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