J. Moore’s Blog: OC Hardcore Scenester


Punk up
your ass.


By Blurt Staff


Jammin’  John B. Moore
has filed the latest installment in his “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” BLURT blog in
which all things punk come under his purview. This time out: a conversation
with filmmaker Evan Jacobs about his hardcore documentary Orange County Hardcore Scenester.


People that are into punk are into it; they
get it,” says Jacobs. “They understand that what sets it apart from something
like pop music is that it isn’t about all the bullshit that is put in our faces
24/7. This isn’t to say that I don’t share my music. I have tried. Some people
like it because it is aggressive. Other people like it because they like the
message. And a lot of people have told me they think its shit.


Go here to read Moore’s
entire interview.



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