Iggy Gets His Own Bobblehead


Peanut butter jar optional, apparently.


By Uncle Blurt


Limited to 1000 bobbing, throbbin’ heads – and, rumors
abound that another key anatomical part that will throb as well – is the upcoming
Iggy Pop bobblehead from our good pals at Aggronautix. Yes, the same folks that
brought you the shit/blood-stained GG Allin and the spike-titted Wendy O.
Williams figurines. So don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Above is the swag – here’s the product info. It’s due in
early October.


 Since his raucous
proto-punk, peanut butter smearing days with The Stooges, few “street
walking cheetahs” have mastered the maniacal with as much grit, gusto and
flair as Iggy Pop. This rare figure is hand-numbered and limited to 1000
pieces. It stands 7-inches high and is made of durable polyresin. Get yours
today as they are sure to go fast…

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