Grimes To Make TV Debut Next Week


In America, that is. The Claire Boucher
plan for world domination continues apace…


By Perez Mills


Blogerifica! Today the press release heard ‘round the world
was that Grimes has confirmed a U.S. television show appearance for the Jimmy
Fallon show next Tuesday, Aug. 14. At this point she’s not really “promoting”
her 2012 album Visions in the
strictest sense – it’s a sure bet for year-end best-of lists anyway, and she’s
already moved well beyond that with stuff like her “Pussy Rings” jewelry – but
dare we predict that a mainstream breakthrough is in the works?


Below, watch an appearance on Jools Holland’s UK show
featuring her doing “Genesis” and then just for the hell of it, revisit the
delightful “Vanessa” video which is one of the reasons we fell in love with her
in the first place. (Yes, we remain huge fans, and no, we are not being
sarcastic. Visions is already on our
Top 10 for 2012.) While we’re at it, there’s an interesting half-hour KEXP
performance well-worth checking out, so that’s below as well.


Then once you’re done, why not scoot over to another spot on
the BLURT website to read contributor Selena Fragassi’s intimate interview with
Ms. Boucher,
conducted earlier this year.



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