DVD: New John Mellencamp Doc


It’s About You recently
released on MPI video.


By John B. Moore

I’m not entirely sure why John Mellencamp appears to be so
pissed off at the world. Yes, he’s had to deal with being labeled a poor man’s
Springsteen, but then again Springsteen was labeled a poor man’s Dylan. Is it
that “Cougar thing”? You shed that goofy moniker years ago. Beautiful model
wife left you? No, you were perpetually grumpy way before then. Regardless,
Mellencamp’s scowl takes center stage in this 90-minute documentary by
father/son filmmakers Kurt and Ian Markus.


It’s About You trailer


At Mellencamp’s invitation (again, why so pissy if you asked
them to come along for the ride?), the directors followed the singer and his
band on his summer 2009 tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson with stops along
the way to music shrines like Sun Studios and the hotel room where Blues legend
Robert Johnson once recorded, to capture
Mellencamp recording his new album. Shot on super 8, the film is given an even
more personal feel. The footage is interspersed with a couple of great live
songs by the band, though (spoiler alert) no cameos by Willie or Bob.


Not likely to appeal to those who aren’t fans of Mellencamp
(who doesn’t like The Coug?), for those who are, it’s a remarkable look into
the singer recording one of his best albums in years No better Than This.


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