Devo, Mitt Romney’s Dog, and YOU


That’s right, bro.


By Perez Mills


Some days the news just doesn’t get any better than this:
Devo is set to release a new single aimed at the Mitt Romney presidential
campaign titled “Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Remember Seamus).” It drops
digitally on Aug. 25, and as Rolling
is reporting,
it “comes as Devo’s founder and commercial director,
Gerald V. Casale, kicks off his Remember Seamus campaign, which is supposed to help ‘make
2012 the year where animals like Seamus are valued and honesty is praised.'”


Seamus, of course, is the Romney family’s pooch who was
famously crated and subsequently transported on vacation via racking onto the
top of the car.


 In addition,
political action group Dogs Against Romney is kicking into high gear; Devo is
pitching in, and Casale is designing a short for the organization.


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