Watch Silver Jews Promo Video, Grab MP3



Early Times out now on
Drag City.


By Blurt Staff


The Silver Jews compilation Early Times assembles, per its title, assembles material recorded
circa the early ‘90s by SJ mainman David Berman and his Pavement pals Bob
Nastanovich and Steven Malkmus. Released recently by Drag City,
the album “is a
testament to the longevity of their unstudio sound, a carefully realized
primitivity that required careful positioning of the trio in proxemity to a single
tiny microphone. The loudest noise would be the one that took up the most
space, so this haphazard method demanded many takes, the approved versions of
which had the right combination of acceptable
balance and performance magic. The end result, heard twenty-odd years later, is
perfection – a place and time that still challenges, still snags the ear, still
creeps out so called audiophiles when it pours forth from like the tinny little
speakers of the communication device that holds their music collections.”


all right then! Here’s an MP3 for the track,
and below check out the promo video for the collection.




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