Watch Mark Sultan “fecal nihilism” Vid


Split single with the Black Lips, too! Now THAT’s


By Blurt Staff


Mark Sultan is extremely
proud to have filmmaker Zondervan Bronte lending talent to his latest video,
which the director himself calls ‘a gift of fecal nihilism to the iconoclasts’.
‘Oh, Summertime’ is a sneak peak at a new batch of 20+ numbers Mr. Sultan will
be releasing in the next year, both solo, and with the newly reformed King Khan & BBQ Show. ‘Oh,
Summertime’ will be released in the next month or two on a split 45 with Black
Lips, courtesy of Hozac Records.
Check it out:



Oh Summertime by Mark Sultan from Zondervan Bronte on Vimeo.


On Bronte: he currently lives
between Hollywood, CA
and Berlin,DE. Credited with starting the ‘Dark Scat’
scene in LA in the late 90s, he soon exported his signature style to Germany where critical acclaim followed,
allowing him to open his gallery ‘Fiedlerstr Acht’, in Berlin. His first film, ‘The Radish’ (2003)
garnered zero praise in Northern Europe, but
was lauded for its stunning visuals. His second film, ‘Cyst’ (2005), starring
future collaborator and life-partner Stan Suntache, cemented his vision and
reputation, screening and winning awards throughout Europe and Asia. ‘Cyst’ influenced a burgeoning Neo-Copro cinema
scene in France.
Both Sunstache and Sultan are expected to star in Bronté’s next opus, ‘Shit
Frankenstein’, which will commence filming in late 2012.






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